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"Miracles of Kannon" *

Kannon Reigenki

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1. "Kannon" Part One (Thumbnails)
"Kannon" Part Two (Thumbnails)
3. "Kannon" Part Three (Thumbnails)


The "Miracles of Kannon" is a large series which Kunisada designed together with Hiroshige II respectively Kunisada II with Hiroshige II.
But it dosnīt matter whether Kunisada I or Kunisada II designed the prints, it isnīt the greatest of all his series. Maybe it have been produced for the rural market with low quality standards. 

The series is divided into three parts: 33 prints for the western provinces, also 33 prints for the eastern provinces and 34 for the central provinces. Itīs not clear whether the series ever have been completed. For 18 designs of the eastern provinces only black and white sketches from a book edition are known for the moment.

* Thanks to Alan Shaw for the new translation of the series title. I changed the series title from "Tales of Kannon" after he wrote "
Also my Nelson's Japanese-English dictionary defines the word "reigen" in the series title Kannon Reigenki as "miracle, miraculous virtue", so the series title might be better translated as "Miracles of Kannon" or "Miracle Stories of Kannon" ("ki" of course simply means account, history, annals, or record)".

If you have some better or new files and matching informations, please send them to me:

For those who can read Japanese: on the following site you can find the complete stories to each single print  http://www.nichibun.ac.jp/graphicversion/dbase/japan_e.html


"Kannon" Part One (Data)

index page:





west provinces:


"Kannon" Part Two (Data)

central provinces:


"Kannon" Part Three (Data)

eastern  provinces:

"Kannon" Part One (Data)
 "Kannon" Part Two (Data)
"Kannon" Part Three (Data)

Utagawa Kunisada (Toyokuni III) - series and prints