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"The 53 stations of the Tōkaidō in pairs" - 
(or "53 Parallels for the Tōkai Road")

Tōkaidō gojūsan tsui


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1. "Parallels" Part One (Thumbnails)
2. "Parallels" Part Two (Thumbnails)


A Tokaido series composed by Hiroshige, Kuniyoshi and Kunisada and issued around 1845 by different publishers.
B.W. Robinson (Kuniyoshi - The Warrior prints) lists for the series 58 prints (31 by Kuni- yoshi, 19 by Hiroshige and 8 by Kunisada).
Ch. van Rappard-Boon (Catalogue of the Van Gogh Museumīs collection of Japanese Prints) lists 62 prints (29 by Kuniyoshi, 22 by Hiroshige and 11 by Kunisada).
Actually I have found 58 prints (30 by Kuniyoshi, 20 by Hiroshige and 8 by Kunisada).

If I take the highest numbers from each the series includes 64 prints. On the other site I didnīt find any print which isnīt listed by Robinson. So I canīt say how many prints were designed for the series.

If you have files from missing prints or more data, please send them to:  (horstgraebner@kunisada.de).

Many thanks for some additional informations to Rolf Urmersbach.

Part One (Data)




"Parallels" Part One (Data)

"Parallels" Part Two (Data)


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"Parallels" Part One (Data)
"Parallels" Part Two (Data)

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